Graduation Speech : School Is Tedious And Insignificant

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“School is tedious and insignificant” was a phrase I said everyday. In my freshman year, I scored well in the first semester. Maybe it was because it was my first semester of high school and I wanted to excel. My grade point average was a 4.3 and I was walking down a good path with a bright future up ahead, but in the second semester, I got bored of school. I simply lost all the motivation to work. I would procrastinate in finishing my assignments, and at times leave my assignments incomplete. My grades started to decline and I started to become a lackadaisical student. The second semester ended and I received a “B” on my report card. This was the first time in my life to score a “B” in a class. My grade point average dropped to 3.8, and my freshman year marked the worst school year of my life. The decline of my grades was not only caused by my poor work habits, but also by my perspective towards school. I did not realize the importance of education. I took school very lightly and not even once considered the possibility of a horrible future. I would fool myself with the absurd idea that I would open a successful business and as a result I would be among the wealthy. This was the pathetic excuse I made to lessen my guilt for not scoring well at the end of the year. This perspective started to change and the main factor was my three month trip to Jordan. My lifestyle in Jordan was completely different as compared to my lifestyle in the U.S. In the U.S., I was very
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