Graduation Speech : School, Middle School And High School

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Grammar school, middle school, and most high schools share one thing in common; they offer the same basic history, math, English, science, and social science course. By the time high school comes around students have already learned the same things again but only this time it is harder and more in depth. College becomes a time that a student really begins to learn about what they want to do with the rest of their lives. When applying to college, applicants don’t apply to learn math, English, history, and science. They apply to learn just math, English, Art, Business, Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice and many others. By having a core curriculum, it takes away time that students have to learn deeply about their program of interest. However, if colleges and universities focused more on the curriculum of student’s majors, and less on the core curriculum, these students may have a better understanding of what they want and less chance of graduating late. As a criminal justice major, I can understand that I do need to know some science and history, however I would find it more beneficial to learn more about my major than about world history for the eightieth time. My proposition is to have classes, like history more focused on someone’s major. For example for a history class for a criminal justice major, it could be the history of policing. Biology majors may enjoy a history of evolutionary theories class, rather than a world history or American history class. As for…

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