Graduation Speech : School Programs

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As a third grader, my daughter received a dyslexic ruling in 2003. At that time, the majority of programs in my state designed to help dyslexic students were run by private organizations. However, I was seeing an increase in the number of students in my classroom with a dyslexic ruling. As I learned methods to help my daughter learn and accommodate for her deficits in the classroom as well as find her own strengths, I began utilizing the strategies with my classroom students and sharing experiences with other parents and colleagues. Over the past few years, our state department of education has increased screening to identify dyslexic students and implemented in-school programs for addressing this learning disability. Because of my personal interest and research in the area of dyslexia, in 2006 my administration asked me to attend an annual state-wide dyslexic conference. I have done so for the last ten years. Following each conference, I report to my school’s faculty sharing the latest information and methods for addressing the issues of dyslexic students. A few years ago, I was so impressed by one of the breakout sessions at the state conference that I encouraged our district’s curriculum coordinator to purchase the materials presented in the workshop, which demonstrated the frustrations that dyslexic and attention-deficit students experience in the classroom by simulating everyday distractions and other issues which these students face. After our district purchased these
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