Graduation Speech : Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics

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I want to teach math in New York City because I will be able to communicate the significance of math in everyday life. The math that adults use to pay bills, manage their budgets, tax preparations, as well as other things are significant. Using real-life situations would capture a students’ attention since it is aligned with their interests. Depending on the grade level, students start to question the relevance of a subject to their future. I love the gratitude and appreciation students show when they succeed in math. As a person who grew up in NYC, I can provide guidance both in, and outside of the classroom. I am familiar with the many pitfalls that await students in this urban setting. I hope to inspire and become a role model to students. Excelling in math can lead to students exploring careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

As a Paraprofessional there were times when the teacher taught a math lesson that some students had difficulty comprehending the material. When I observed this, I would find alternative ways to solve the problem or explain it in another form. I have shown students that there are problems that can be solved in numerous ways. Problems may possess a pattern, special rules, and formulas that help to preserve memory. I currently work with a student who does not like math. I observed his actions, and noticed instead of attempting to do the math problem at the moment, he would write down the work and wait for the teacher to
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