Graduation Speech: Sound Of A Football Team

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"Whoosh" that is the sound of a football gliding smoothly threw the air. I'm going to ask you a question did you know that the Oregon Ducks quarterback won the 2014 heisman trophy. If you are a big fan of collage football or Oregon duck collage football I should say then I think you should read this story. As some people say lets hop in the car and go to Oregon to learn about there football team. Today I will be telling you about the Oregon ducks kicking and punting team and then I will be telling you about there offence and defense team. Right now I'm going to tell you about there offence team if you are a Oregon ducks fan then you might know this but did you know that there quarterback is from Hawaii. He is so good at football that he won lots of trophys. He is the best quarterback in college football. Now I will introduce you to a different player on the team. The name of the guy I'm going to tell you…show more content…
Did you know that Oregon in the whole year they only attempted 8 field goals the least field goals you have the better it is. They have the least amount of field goals in college football. Now I'm going to tell you about there defense team. Did you know that Oregon won the 2015 rose bowl? Now sence they won that they go to the 2015 national championship if they win that they would be the best team in all of collage football. Speaking of best football team did you know that Oregon has the best defense against in all of college. They are pretty good at offence but I think they are better at defense. Now I'm going to tell you all about there conference and just how good they are. They are so good at football that they are better than Michigan and Michigan state combined. They didn't play Michigan but they did play Michigan state and they beat them 27- 46. Did you know that they are not in the big ten conference they are in the pac 12
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