Graduation Speech : Special Education

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Throughout my life, I feel as though I have had many encounters with special education. Growing up, my grandmothers close friend had a daughter that had down syndrome. She was extremely sweet and loved company. Her parents had six other children who were grown and lived on their own. However, she lived at home with her parents her whole life. In elementary school, I do not remember many encounters with special education students. I do remember some kids being taken out of my class for part of the day, but that was my only experience during that time.

In middle school, I remember a few students that had disabilities. There was one boy that had autism, and he would stay with my class all day. The teachers would give him easier worksheets to
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The girl with down syndrome was very outgoing and talked to me the whole time! However, the girl with autism was very set back. She would barely communicate with me, and that was because she did not know me and was not comfortable with me yet. It was difficult keeping up with them in the hallways because one would go one way, and the other would go a different way. With that being said, I would not have traded that experience for the world.

Within the past year, teachers at my little sister’s school have started suspecting that she may have dyslexia. She has yet to be tested, but it will be happening soon. She has always had issues with reading, but never thought this would be why. However, if the tests come back, and they do say that she has dyslexia, that is not going to hold her down. She will still be able to conquer anything that she sets her mind to. Having a disability does not hold any person back from being able to succeed anything they want to. With the proper help, instruction and motivation, any student with a disability can be successful. Being different does not make you incapable. That is also something that I got from the PowerPoints. After reading chapters one and two of the book “Exceptional lives”, I could more easily understand special education. As a teacher, I will mostly likely have many students with disabilities in my class throughout my career. With
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