Graduation Speech : Starting School

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Starting school for me wasn’t easy because I didn’t have a plan. I did what every high school student was urged to do after high school and I enrolled in college to pursue a higher education. Enrolling in college gave me the idea and hope that the college would provide a greater advantage in life and career endeavors. Beginning school as a first generation student was an opportunity for me that wasn’t without its challenges and learning experiences. Lacking knowledge in navigating financial aid or how to enroll in basic courses, I just went for it and started school. Needless to say without any basic understanding of college, the first school that I attended away from home didn’t go over so well and I returned home 4 months later. I didn’t even finish my first semester. I knew that going to school was the right thing to do, but without the understanding of how to be a student of a higher education institution, I would never be prepared for college. With the support of my uncle and my mom, I had the support needed to begin again with direction. I began a mini winter-mester at the local community college. I still didn’t know the importance of a degree plan, or taking core classes were in the grand scheme of my academic pursuits. To explain a bit about my personal life at the time, I was living with my uncle who had traveled from Africa where my father was to provide me support in school. My mother had children at a very young age and my father traveled a lot making her a
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