Graduation Speech : Student Based Budget

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our enrollment decreased from 750 students (2013-2014) to 475 students (2014-2015), which impacted the student based budget. Of the eight teachers we lost, 1 teacher (first year) did meet certification requirements, 4 were first year teachers, two were second year teachers, 2 were “retire rehires”, 1 was an experienced transfer (2013-2014) and the other three teachers had more than 10 years teaching experience. Of the 13 teachers, two were specialists that requested a voluntary transfer. I worked collaboratively with my colleagues and human resources to find placements for the six teachers that were involuntarily transferred. Of the 24 classroom teachers at Carole Highlands this year, 11 are non-tenured teachers with less than 3 years of teaching experience. As a result of these experiences, my focus is on the attrition of both beginning and experienced teachers. Leadership Brown and Wynn (2007) found that beginning teachers want a capable leader, one with a clear vision, but one who includes teachers in decision-making. According to participants in their study, teachers and principals alike want supportive and shared leadership. Brown and Wynn’s (2007) study shows that principals with a proven track record of retaining teachers are accessible, establish trust, know their teachers, and are proactive. Angelle’s (2006) findings support this work. Angelle found that administrators whose priorities rested with discipline, paperwork, or leaving teachers alone, maximized
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