Graduation Speech : Student Of The Month

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It all started out with the prestigious title “Student of the Month”. I was in Kindergarten and for the first time in my life I was recognized for things I had no idea existed. Award after award, I followed my fellow 40-inch tall classmates to the stage where we began to partake in a vicious cycle of shaking wrinkled hands, posing for what came out to be (10 years later) the cutest throwback photos and then sitting down awaiting the next award category. Who knew I could get a foot long, obnoxious car decal telling every driver in Florida that my parent’s child is an honor student? Or that I could get a free kid’s meal at Beef O’Brady’s for “Perfect Attendance” (with a purchase of a full entrée of course). Just about everyone in my class…show more content…
From there on I am now on the Executive Council and am also one of the philanthropy heads for my sorority. Since Kindergarten, I have been blessed with other influential programs and people in my life that have encouraged me to be a leader. The foundations of my leadership skills and beliefs have been built mainly through my experiences in joining different athletic teams and clubs throughout middle school and high school. I was able to follow under some of the best and worst coaching and team leaders that have shaped what I think a great leader is today. I have been lead under leaders that I resent and leaders that I admire. My leadership characteristics mostly come from these examples in my life. I saw what situations I felt uncomfortable in and how my fellow teammates reacted. I would often think about how the situation could have been better if the leader had approached it a different way. I tend to mimic those leaders that have truly influenced and motivated me because I want to make others feel the same way that leader made me feel. The biggest difference I saw in the varying leadership styles was the way in which the leader communicated to the rest of the team, the collaboration efforts, and the way in which they adjusted to changing circumstances. My views on leadership did
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