Graduation Speech : Students, Faculties, Families And Friends

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Dear students, faculties, families and friends, on behalf of the 2016 Leadership Launch graduates, welcome! We stand here today in celebration of new leaders in the CSM community ready to embark a lifelong journey of leadership. We began this program eight weeks ago curious and with a willingness to improve in our leadership skills. During the first week, we learned our top five leadership strengths, self awareness and self confidence as leaders. Through these, we learned how to use our strengths to form our identities and become great leaders. The second week focused on individual core values and its impact on each decisions, whether big or small. As we age and grow, our values are shaped, modified and play an important aspect in our self identity and leadership style. The third week highlighted improvement in leadership communication and styles. We were given the tasks in small group to organize and plan an amusement park. The first round included individuals with the same type of communication style, and the second round included individuals with various types of styles. It was easy to work and plan the amusement park in the first round because the group members shared the same type of style. Although, the second round was more hectic, time-consuming and lacked harmony because of the variety of styles; the results were very creative and diverse. We learned through this activity awareness of different communication styles and its impacts on the productivity in a group
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