Graduation Speech : Students With The Tutoring Center Have A Higher Gpa By. O29

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Brendan Rievert
Professor Glady-Teschendorf
ENG 112
8 Feb. 2016 Tutoring According to Eric Cooper “students that visit the tutoring center have a higher GPA by .o29.” This may not seem like much but it can be a difference of failing or passing a class. If public schools don 't meet a certain standards the No Child Left Behind law will take affect making the school provide extra academic help (Tucker 1). Many people do not realize the power of tutoring and do not understand all the benefits that it can produce other then a grade increase. In fact, in today 's large classrooms, children who are struggling, can easily get lost in the crowd. Tutoring allows individualized attention that a teacher may not necessarily have time to provide. Tutoring can be administered in various ways and provides students with additional learning techniques and resources to be successful in today’s academic setting. Giving back to my fellow students through personal tutoring can change many lives and provide resources to direct them down the right track. The benefits of tutoring include increased academic skills, social skills, and knowledge of the classroom norms (Kalkowski 2). Tutoring can be administered in several ways. Peer tutoring is a system of instruction where learners help each other and, in turn, learn by teaching. Peer tutoring does not have to be one-on-one, it can be with a group. This is not a one-on-one model and this type of tutoring incorporates the teacher. Small group…

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