Graduation Speech : Teaching And Writing Courses

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Throughout the previous years of my education, I have explored a variety of English and writing courses where I learned to dissect and explore the various meanings and intentions of authors and poets as well as my peers. Aside from the mandatory conventions that must be mastered in writing to ensure clarity, there are some characteristics that run deeper. These are what dictate whether or not a writer may truly become successful. A common theme that has been reinforced in my experiences is that of respect. Looking back to the awkward days in middle school, I can easily recall preparing a paper that I was sure would captivate my audience. Public speaking was something that my teachers prioritized greatly. Each day an assignment was due, we would all compete to see who could be first to present. There were some days where such a task as this was considerably easier than others. Depending on the mood of my peers and even me, the confidence of the paper could be either quite strong, or unfortunately, shattered within a matter of a few short moments. No matter if a paper was excellent, or if it required some improvements, we were always encouraged to speak highly and only to build each other up rather than to crash each other down. This made for a seemingly safe environment. There were no wrong answers, no wrong ideas. I remember when the mysterious and thrilling experience of high school began. All of a sudden, the classmates that I had been through so much with began to
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