Graduation Speech : Texas Education System

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Hello Ms. Bahorich, I am a current student at the University of Texas at Arlington and I want to start off by congratulating you for being the chairperson of the Texas board of education. Personally, I admire you for spending your time to make sure students that attend a public school district in Texas get the best education possible. I believe that your job is more than just leading meetings over the Texas education system, giving ideas on how to improve the education system, or make sure that school districts are regulated according to standards. Your job goes beyond that; the future of Texas students is in your hands. I also admire you for homeschooling your children; I don’t believe this is an act of hostility towards the Texas education system, but rather that you wanted to provide your children the best education possible. I want that type of education to be available to all Texas students. Texas education has greatly improved since the beginning of it, and although we recently have passed laws to reach racial equally, I still believe that there is an issue in the Texas education system. The issue present in the Texas Education System is the bad funding of public school districts. The way public school districts are funded in the state of Texas gives a disadvantage to students that attend a school district located in a low income neighborhood over those who attend a school districts located in a rich neighborhood. I believe that as republicans we both can agree that
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