Graduation Speech : The And Black Students

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When dealing with different races like Hispanic and black students we are less likely than a white student parent that will attend general meeting or school events I’m not saying just because you are this race you aren’t going to attend meeting for your child, I’m saying that dealing with other races you might see a lot of them attending the meeting but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about their child education. Because they do in “2012, 85 percent of black, and 86 percent of Hispanic students had parents who attended a general meeting”, then you have to compare “Sixty-eight percent of Black, and 64 percent of Hispanic students had a parent who attended school event,” as you can see there is a lot of different numbering when dealing with parents and students of different races I don’t have a reason why these parents did not attend any meeting but it could be several reason why like transportation, not involved, non- English so cannot understand. there is many reasons and valuables to why they didn’t attend but it still doesn’t have any proof that it truly effects child education. “In a study that was cited by the SEDL by meta- analysis, the Gutman and Midgely (2002)” when they had examined on many factors that involved combination of research, of parent and school involvement had a strong effect on grades of low-income African American students. There was an another study that they suggest if children that don’t have any connection to school would not matter if the
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