Graduation Speech: The Black Civil Rights Movement

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In my now secure position as one of the main leaders of the Black Civil rights movement I have tried to co-ordinate many thousands of people to fight for our future for the good of the people now and for the good of people forever. This fight Birmingham will take effort and tactical planning however I had managed to pick up a few things after what happened in Birmingham. So I decided when I came to Birmingham that the campaign would target a specific person. This way I knew how they would react if under pressure because at Albany we were applying pressure but we didn’t target anyone in particular which is why I felt we didn’t have the success we wanted there.

At Birmingham, we have a completely different strategy, we looked at who was running Birmingham and together Shuttlesworth and I decided to target the campaign on Eugene ‘Bull’ Connor who was the Police and Fire commissioner, a person who is notorious amongst our community for being violent to our cause and toward black people for no reason. So Shuttlesworth and I knew that he would react to the protest and gain media attention to the situation here in Birmingham. And we knew that, because of previous cases like Little Rock High school where
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So we wouldn’t interfere with any results in this election i.e. us starting our campaign and Bull reacting in a violent way towards us giving him more support from the segregationists who were in favour of such actions. So ‘Project C’ Campaign didn’t begin until after the election. Bull Connor lost to Albert Boutwell and the next day we launched our ‘Project C’ campaign in Birmingham as Bull refused to leave his office along with the rest of his
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