Graduation Speech: The Evolved In A Souderton Football Team

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Are we ready for this? I think we all know that answer. Are they ready for us? Now that is unknown. Souderton has had to cope with a sore spot in the realm of boys soccer for too long now. This year is different. This team has talent, work ethic, and grit - everything that is required for the perfect team. Many teams have those qualities as well, but they don’t have the glue to bring it all together. We do. We have chemistry. We are a family. I have played Souderton soccer for my fours years here and we have not made playoffs once. The closest we’ve gotten, maybe a .500 record. That being said, underclassmen, I have been in your situation before; I know what you’re feeling. Everyone has these nerves, you’re not alone. Don’t let those devious emotions tangle up your insides and take you out of the game before it even begins. Some of you may not get into the game, which may relieve you, but a few of you have a great chance. When…show more content…
All of it has prepared us for what lies ahead in this game. Remember the fun times we had with team dinners and get-togethers. Not only were these a great time, but they made our team stronger. The losses we suffered together... as a team. The wins we celebrated together… as a team. The silent bus rides we endured after a tough loss. The party bus’ we enjoyed after a great win. All of this again just adds to the depth of our family theme. We have each other’s back, we fight for one another. We don’t do what’s best for ourselves we do what benefits us, as a team. An injury isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that you’re part of the team, putting yourself on the line for the team, for the family. All these experiences have led up to this moment. We knew it would come to this. We knew we were in the middle of the table, and now we have to fight for our playoff spot. Now is the time to
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