Graduation Speech : The Fall Of 2010

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The Fall of 2010 was about as normal as every other fall that preceded it. The leaves changed colors and the weather got colder. It also meant that school was back in session. To me, fall time meant athletics were back in season. I was entering 7th grade and I was bummed that summer was over but excited because I was almost a year older. I was about to turn thirteen years old; I could almost call myself a teenager. I had always participated in sports but this was my first year that I could play middle school sports. I tried out for the football team and made it. I officially was an athlete for my school and I could not have been more excited. I felt like I mattered. My relationship with my father was like any other. Or at least I thought. As the season went on, the only time he came to anything of mine was to pick me up from practice or after an away game; to make it worse, he never came to any of my games which disappointed me. But it never occurred to me that something was weird between us. The spring time rolled around and I was extremely excited because it was time for track. Other than the races up and down the street with my neighbors, I had never run for more than a mile before. I was the fastest and I was proud of it. I decided I should be a sprinter that season because I wanted to test my speed against other people that were actually my age. Throughout the entirety of that season, my father still didn’t come to any of the meets, which upset me. He would always…

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