Graduation Speech : The Fall Quarter The Soar Outreach Program

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As a mentor, I would want to the future of UCAN to keep expanding. I would want to see UCAN attract more students and mentors. As part of attracting a larger broad of students, UCAN could expand their mentorship throughout all the high schools in the Santa Cruz County. With a larger body of UCAN mentors, this could be a very likely possibility. Being able to reach a large number of mentees would mean that a larger amount of high students would be taught about their possibilities for higher education, either at universities, community colleges or even vocational school. To expand our number of students we must also have to increase our number of mentors. An easy way to bring in more mentors at the beginning of the quarter can be to host more meetings and reach out at more events. At the beginning of the fall quarter the SOAR outreach program hosts an event that raises awareness of organizations around campus, this event is great opportunity to attract mentors. Another possibility could be to partner with organizations with newsletters that could sponsor us in the newsletter. Potential increasing the number of mentors will increase the number of high school students that we can help navigate their way through the college process. In future years, I expect that there would be a higher college turnout in every school that we have dedicated time. As part of UCAN program, I would like graduate knowing that every one of the students who we help knew as much needed to be

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