Graduation Speech: The First Vietnam War

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Yesterday, The great war ended. Thousands of men came home, but my dad didn’t. My mom is in the factory so she isn’t here to join me. School is out to celebrate the war ending; that’s why I am here, in Fairhope, Alabama, at the docks watching the men come home. I Couldn't bear it any more, so I walked home. I got home and turned on the radio. As soon as it came on, Woodrow Wilson was giving a speech to welcome all the men home. As I listened, I had a flashback to the year that we were in the war. My dad received a letter that he had been drafted into the United States Military. He had three days to be At the docks. He kissed me and my mother, and off he went. It wasn’t a week later, my mom had to go work in the cotton mill.

Two weeks went by, we received word over the radio that the men had reached the battlefield. My mom got home that night with good news. She was making enough money to support us while father was gone. Weeks went by, Seasons changed, no information about the war. More and more time went on, the war ended.
(Back to present) I sat there and listened to President Wilson continue talk to all the returned soldiers. I couldn’t help
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We made a hut from blankets and sheets. We unpacked our stuff and we just sat there, lonely, cold. We tried to get a little sleep but we couldn’t. Morning came with a new surprise. More women and children were there under the bridge. We got to talking and found out they had loss the father of the family also. They informed us that there was a big storm coming. We had to figure out what to do. We decided to go hide in the back room of Maw Maw’s general store when they locked up. We rode out the storm for a few hours. When the store opened, we ran out and headed back to the bridge. When we reached the bridge, our things was gone. We proceeded to find that the bridge was structurally unsound. We had to leave and try to find a new hope. We found a soup kitchen and went in
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