Graduation Speech : The Lesson Plan

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As result of creating and implementing this artifact, I realized that the most effective lesson plans are those which initiate with the final assessment in mind. So, I applied a pre-test at the very beginning of my lessons with every different group I would be teaching to measure a starting point or the amount of pre-existing knowledge on the topics to be taught. Based on this, I planned the instruction to deliver and how to differentiate it. We, teachers, know that the meaning-making process is influenced by the student 's prior understandings, interests, beliefs, how the student learns best, and the student 's attitudes about self and school. If we wish to sustain or increase the academic achievement of our students, they could be grouped for instruction according to ability and achievement levels. I had into account the different levels of knowledge the students demonstrated during the Pre-Tests. After analyzing their outcomes, I decided to form 4 groups in each class for the small group activities. Definitely, students were benefited by implementing this artifact; I think that dividing the class into small groups was an effective way for students to receive differentiated instruction and get their needs satisfied. As I placed students into homogeneous small group, the instruction had many benefits. It provided more exposure and focus on essential skills as well as more opportunities for guided practice. It also supplied a structure to closely monitor
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