Graduation Speech : The Lost Of Vital Sleep Essay

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Have you ever found yourself staying up late at night before an exam and trying to study as much as you could. Well you are not alone. According to a poll taken by The Hawk Eye, 99 percentage of collage kids have reported that they have found themselves in the situation where they need to cram for an exam (Gerwick). Cramming may work and allow you to pass the exam the next day but it will not allow you to keep the information for very long. When you cram last minute all the information that you learn is stored in your short term memory rather than you long term memory. Another side effect of this studying technique is the lost of vital sleep. It is recommended that a college students get 7-8 hours of sleep each night according to the University of Georgia (University Health Center). Without this vital sleep you may have a difficult time recalling what you have learned therefore you could suffer when it comes time to taking to test. Cramming the night before a test negatively effects the student’s grade as proven by studies that have been conducted about sleep loss and the effect of short term memory when studying last minute. There are many solutions when it comes to solving the problem of cramming last minute and some possible solutions will be talked about. When people cram for an exam the night before they are not helping themselves rather they are harming their chances of passing the test. There are a few different ideas behind why cramming for a test dose not work as
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