Graduation Speech : The Rate Of Unemployment Essay

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In the last few years, there was a dramatic rise in the rate of unemployment in Malaysia. Knowledge has become the most important thing in the society today. Without knowledge, it is very difficult for a person to find a job. In order to guarantee a good job, students should get a degree from University. Nowadays, most professions required a degree in order to meet the minimum requirement for getting an interview. People are required to have the knowledge in the jobs first before they enter the real working environment. Thus, people are encouraged to get educate in university before start working. This is because university education provides us with useful skills and living experience for having a good job in the future. As Chris (2008) explained: There’s plenty of evidence to show that graduates earn significantly more than non-graduates over the course of their careers, but with nearly half of 20-year-olds in higher education, it’s clear that graduates aren’t quite the elite they once were. This means the choice of degree subject and the university are much more important now if students want a decent graduate job. (para.7) Phillips (2008) noted that, a degree certainly provides a stepping stone to a successful career. Therefore, a degree will guarantee a good job because University offer extra-curricular activities that recognize work-relevant skills, has a good reputation with employers, it puts priority for experiential learning and it can improve the chances of
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