Graduation Speech : The Service Learning Program

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The service-learning project that I had the pleasure to partake in was Junior Achievement (JA). Junior Achievement is a learning/ teaching young students to prepared themselves for the real world. I had the opportunity to educate a 7th-grade class. Each Thursday morning for about 5 weeks, my partner and I went down to the school to teach different lessons. The first day we introduced ourselves and went around the room to have the students introduced themselves and tell us what they wanted to be. Each lesson had a life lesson that came along with it. How I managed to achieve my personal learning objectives throughout the service learning activity was being able to identify the students who needed help with completing the activities. I went around the room to check with each student to see if they needed any type of assistance or understood that was being asked of them. Although I was nervous to stand in front of a class full of middle school students’ and teach them, that fear soon came to a pass after my first lesson. I became comfortable with standing in front of the class and giving them a suggestion, instructions, and answering questions that wanted to know about. Everything became a relaxed setting that I felt comfortable being in. On an academic level, my partner and I had to find alternative ways to get the students engaged in the activities. We brought candy to class and whoever were able to answer a question or define the terms that was defined at the start of
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