Graduation Speech : The Stock Market

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At the end of last decade, middle schoolers, college students, and young professionals watched in horror as the stock market lost more than half its value over a year and a half span. College savings accounts were decimated, retirement plans postponed, and, in more dire situations, homes and cars were lost. Many young people who witnessed this turmoil during their formative years walked away with what they thought was the lesson to be learned from the market’s tumble: Don’t invest in the capital markets. Sadly, without a foothold in the market, many of today’s young professionals are putting themselves in a precarious financial situation. “If your money is solely in cash or cash equivalents,” said virtual advisor Andrew McFadden, founder of Panoramic Financial Advice in Fresno, CA, “chances are you won’t even keep up with inflation.” Plus, he added, younger investors have a distinct advantage over their parents. The more time your money has to compound, the more powerful your investment potential. (The difference between starting early and waiting until later can add up to as much as $1 million.) Eighty three million millennials felt the repercussions of the stock market crash last decade. If you’re among that cohort and are afraid to get started with investing, read on to learn how to overcome your fear and start building a portfolio that can get you started on your way to reaching your financial goals. Get educated “I’m a millennial,” said McFadden, “ and seeing the

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