Graduation Speech : The University Staff And The Best Level At The Workplace

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1.0 Introduction The next stage after the graduation is to obtain a graduation position in a company that will ensure my future career growth. This step will be hard to make as there will be no guidance of the university staff and the support will weaken or disappear at all. Additionally, the new phase will be difficult due to the different to university environment and the level of responsibilities. In order to be successful in obtaining the graduate position, I have to show a certain level of dedication to the engineering activities with the understanding of the safety, ethics and morals that are accepted in the engineering practice. In addition to this, I have to be considerate of the culture of the workplace, its diversity, social responsibilities and the ways of the conflict resolutions within the workplace. All of these factors are important when choosing an employer and performing at the best level at the workplace. This report will discuss the potential employer that I would find the most appropriate to spend my first years working with after the graduation and that will help me obtain the essential experiences during the professional engineering activities. 2.0 The Company The company that I chose to work for is the telecommunication equipment supplier ‘Just Technology Pty Ltd’, further JT. I chose this organisation after the thorough analysis of my personal and technical skills and knowledge with evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, I considered
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