Graduation Speech: To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Parents, guardians and community members globally, enforce strict rules, which prevent the youth from gaining access to explicit material in hopes that their minds will not be affected by the harsh and real themes, which litter modern day arts. To kill a mockingbird has been in the firing line of censorship, since it made itself on the shelves of bookstores globally back in the 60’s. Since, schools internationally have researched the novel to learn techniques that will aid in the development of their thoughts, beliefs and skills. But now I’m standing in front of you, in hopes to solidify your beliefs to include this classic in the grade 12 curriculums, not just for educational purposes but to aid in the development of the future generations thoughts…show more content…
I’m not like the next guy. I’m me. See we all want to be someone else, we all believe we could be better, but that restricts us from truly being who we are. One of the problems scout faced was being considered a “tom boy’, because she didn’t want to wear a skirt. I personally have no experience with the clothing, but from what ive heard it sounds painful. But what we can take from this is that scout is unique. She had people telling her who she should be, what she should do, but she accepted who she is. We should all be ourselves, without worrying about what others believe. We are not the same. The novel will teach the students to be resilient. To bounce back, from blockages. It shows that you can be who you are no matter what everyone says. If you are a girl who wants to wear pants, fight for it. If you’re a guy who wants long hair, fight for it. If you just want to wear a kilt to school on free dress day, where that Scottish attire with pride and fight for it, because you are unique. If you are poor you can still be rich, if you are rich you can still be poor. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are unique. That’s what this novel shows us. It shows us to be
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