Graduation Speech : Transitioning From High School

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Transitioning from high school to college can be the most overwhelming experience one will ever have to face. Many things change while switching from a small high school to a large University. For twelve years students are told what to do and where to do it. For example, when your classes are and what time you have to be at a certain class. Students have become conditioned from a young age. For example, whether it is getting up when the bell rings to change classes or raising their hand to ask permission to use the restroom students unconsciously are trained. In college the only rule you must follow is to go to class and complete the assignments if you would like a passing grade. No one walks you through anything, for most students it is a whole new world. It is crucial for a college student to be on top of themselves. Fortunately, time management, working in teams, and learning my learning style has made such a great impact in my college career. Time management is one of the best skills I learned in college. In high school all of your classes are planned for you. Therefore by the time you are done with school you can just relax. In college I learned my time is very valuable. Saving fifteen minutes can determine if I will have lunch or not which then can change my whole day. One of the key assets to managing your time is planning ahead. I learned to make a set schedule for everyday. Most importantly, I learned not to procrastinate. In college you cannot save

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