Graduation Speech : Tri County School Corporation

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Tri-County School Corporation, centered in Wolcott, IN, is exactly what one would expect from a small, rural school. Class sizes are small, students know the names of everyone in their grade level, and it’s not uncommon for teachers to also teach the nieces, nephews, and even children of their former students. And, like most small schools in Indiana, Tri-County is entrenched in the crisis that is the Hoosier education system. The Tri-County Schools have been struggling financially for years and even briefly faced the possibility of consolidation with neighboring school districts during former Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett’s education reforms, which were endorsed by Governor Mitch Daniels during his time in office from 2005 to 2013. The privatization of education in Indiana has affected small schools like TC in a very negative way, allocating funds that the school used to depend on to other projects, including charter schools. Now, the TC school corporation faces a major budget crisis: a $900,000 deficit and the incredibly difficult task of increasing or even maintaining student enrollment and performance on such limited funds. As Superintendent Dr. Kathy Goad revealed during an informational meeting on March 31, the possible solutions to the problems TC faces are limited by state legislation and policy. While Dr. Goad will continue to search for a solution to the budget crisis that allow TC to maintain its “small class sizes and caring staff” (as she

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