Graduation Speech: Trimble Technical High School

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Walking down the hallways of Trimble Technical High School as a freshman felt very intimidating. Being a shy and insecure person, I felt so little and worthless compared to all the other students. In my mind, everybody was better than me, and I am ashamed to admit I based my worth on social standards: popularity, physical appearance, and recognitions. For most of high school, I stood in the background as a spectator unsure of myself, afraid to raise my hand or join in on conversations for fear of what other people would think of me.
It wasn’t until I hit my lowest point during my junior year, feeling completely resigned in life, that my hardworking parents came to mind. Overwhelmed with guilt, I remembered how they relentlessly work to give me the opportunity to succeed in my education, while I focused on how I didn’t “fit in.” Realizing this, I became determined to fight, to lift myself back up, not only for the sake of my parents but for my own as well. I opened myself up to the real world, beyond the socialistic image of high school. I joined marching band, which led me to discover the strength I encompassed through the rigorous practice hours and my determination in excelling to be the best I can be,
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I know I am strong, confident, and I understand I don’t need to meet anyone’s standards, but my own. My involvement in extracurricular activities and volunteering allowed me to gain a new perspective in life, increasing my sense of responsibility, and maturity. I make school my priority and family my motivation. I am still afraid sometimes, but I have found that the determination to succeed outweighs my fears. Over the course of these four years, I have finally come to the realization that there is so much more to life than the cliques and peer pressures that had before kept me down. Knowing this, I am now more eager than ever to put my newfound self to the test, and thrive in life; beginning with
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