Graduation Speech : University Of Washington

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Recently I have questioned what university to attend, what to major in, and what career I want. Three years ago, I wasn’t even planning on attending college, I was just a high school student with no direction. Two years ago, I decided to begin my college career, and thought a business degree was in my future. One year ago, I realized that following my passion is the most important career choice I could make. Today I know that I want to attend the top tier research institution that is the University of Washington, and that I want to follow my passion and major in Environmental Science and Resource Management. I’ve also come to terms with, that while my career path is unclear, it will work itself out in time. In high school I struggled; not because of a lack of intelligence, but a lack of guidance. My parents had been struggling with chronic pain, and multiple surgeries left them unable to help guide me through my teen years. I rebelled as an escape from the stress of school and home, and my grades plummeted. I knew that attending a university after graduation was unlikely due to poor grades, so I began working immediately.
About a year was taken off between high school and college, and I used that time to work and save money for schooling. I am grateful for the gap year that I took, if I had entered college directly after high school I would have likely gone into it with the same outlook. It also gave me time to realize that I was unhappy working in the service industry,

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