Graduation Speech: Welcome To The California Gold Rush

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Imagine wanting something so badly that you only needed a hint at the possibility of it even happening, travelling hundreds of thousands of miles just to get there. Then entering a whole new world, one where vigilantes rule the night, and working day in and day out, hoping and praying that one day, you and your family will be rich. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the California Gold Rush. What do you think of when you hear, California Gold Rush? Lots of miners, doing nothing but panning for gold all day, even neglecting hygiene? Partially accurate, let’s start at the beginning. In 1848, James Marshall was hired by John Sutter to build a saw mill in Sacramento Valley. As he was digging, he discovered two gold nuggets and the news spread everywhere. As it went, the stories grew, some said he found an entire mountain of gold! Everyone, far and wide, all the way from Germany to Japan, decided that they were going to get there first. Thinking that in just a few hours of hard work, they would go from being Middle Class people, to the richest men and women anyone knew.…show more content…
Once they got to California, with little water resources, they had no way of cleaning their clothes, they sent them as far away as Hawaii to be cleaned. Out of the thousands that came, only a few ever found gold, ironically, James Marshall was not one of the lucky few. Among the people that came to improve their lives were some very bad people who wanted a fresh start, and would do anything to get it, even murder. Lots of people died, many of the people that originally found some gold were killed or stolen from while they slept. But there were also vigilantes, people that took justice into their own hands. The people that decided to not play as a hero, decided semi-legal hangings and punishments for those who were caught stealing equipment or someone else’s
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