Essay on Gradulate Studies in Electical Engineering

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“Hard work is the key to success” – an adage that I believe in. Being a mathematics teacher, my father is my first inspiration to study science. With a mini-library he has in the house that constituted of mathematics and physics books, I can seek out any kind of book to study. His careful tutoring has instilled confidence in me to tackle mathematical problems. I used to perform exceptionally well in all the exams at school level. After class XII, I went on to take IIT-JEE, the toughest engineering entrance examination in India for admission into the world renowned Indian Institutes of Technology. To have qualified for this examination is so far the happiest moment of my life. After four years of exuberant journey through undergraduate …show more content…

It gave me a chance to envision the amount of possible problems that can be tackled with such heuristic algorithms.
For the course Digital Electronics, taught by Professor S.C. De Sarkar, the laboratory exercises as well as the theory classes were used to be very challenging and demanding. We got exposed to an entirely different kind of teaching which neared perfection. Thus a profound interest is instigated in Digital Electronics. He also taught us Computer Architecture and this course seemed to answer some of my doubts, which I had when I was a child, about the functioning of a computer. I achieved the highest possible grades in both the theory and laboratory components in these courses.
Through semesters of learning I came across different exciting courses like VLSI Design, Embedded Systems, and Wireless Communications where I learned varied aspects such as VHDL Coding, small scale microprocessor architecture and CDMA techniques. These courses not only provided much insight on the current technologies but also steered my interest in Electrical Engineering.
I pursued a project “Image Inpainting” for the course Image and Video Processing which is generally employed to cut out portions of an image without losing the homogeneity. Different procedures like PDE based Inpainting, exemplar Inpainting are evaluated in this work. For

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