Gradwitz And Znaeyms In The Interlopers By Saki

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In the short story, “The Interlopers,” the author, Saki, demonstrates Ulrich and Georg’s relationship change by putting the two men in a life or death situation together. Ulrich von Gradwitz is the inheritor of the forest lands where a feud between two families, the Gradwitzs and the Znaeyms, has been brewing for many years. One night Gradwitz was patrolling his lands trying to find Georg Znaeym, who had trespassed onto Gradwitz land, when Gradwitz found Znaeym the two men were standing face to face as a tree fell on them. The two men were not able to move and while being trapped under the tree, they decided that the feud had gone on for way too long and it needed to be buried. Gradwitz and Znaeym decided to end the feud between the families.
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