Graeme Murphy and rafae bonachela essay

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Essay Question: Compare and Contrast the movement styles of both Graeme Murphy and Rafael Bonachela as seen in Synergy-by-Synergy and 2 One Another. In your answer include how both choreographers have manipulated the elements of dance and used relationships to abstract movement to convey their intent.

Australian Dance is highly diverse in form and geographical distribution but it uncovers a continuous captivation with the body, the place, popular culture and the multicultural society.
Graeme Murphy, past artistic director of the Sydney Dance Company is known to be Australia’s greatest and most productive choreographer, of all time. Through the 30 years of being artistic director, Murphy has created outstanding pieces and inspired
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These sudden jumps release a fast and sharp form of energy.

We come to note the differences between the two pieces by Murphy and Bonachela, their style of dance being Contemporary remains the same but the movement used within to portray their intent is different and it is shown clearly. Within each group performance, the dancers use a variety of levels such as; low, medium and high. Although, both performances do not incorporate all the three levels throughout the piece. For example: In Graeme Murphy’s Synergy by Synergy, the movements are all seen at a high level, where the performers are observed jumping on the spot, rising on the balls of their feet which is called a Releve, Leaping from one side to the other with a pointed foot and the female dancers being lifted up into arabesque and also being tossed from one side to the other. The use of high-level movements is interpreted with the intent of strength, muscle and machine in an abstract form.
Where as in Rafael Bonachela’s 2 one another composition, the performers are essentially seen at a medium to low level. Medium level includes; performers swinging their arms from side to side- dropping the shoulder, on their knees and bending their legs/knees. The use of low level is also seen such as the dancers lying flat on their back or sitting with their legs crossed only using hand movements at no more than shoulder height. The
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