Graffiti And Street Art By Christine Graff

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From the early humans who painted on cave walls to the angst-ridden teenager getting their kicks from spray painting profanities on the side of a small business, human beings seem to have an intrinsic desire to paint images on the walls that surround them. This has led to many individuals painting on walls without permission. Although the walls cannot speak, city officials and the owners of businesses can and when they do, “Graffiti” is usually one of the words used to describe the images produced. However, although often overlooked, a line does exist between graffiti and street art. Christine Graff writes “Graffiti is defined as ‘writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public…show more content…
Street art is a viable way to breathe life into suffering areas of a town. A prime example of this in action is the Wynwood Walls project started by Tony Goldman, who saw the massive empty walls of the warehouses in the Wynwood district of Miami, Florida as massive canvases. Goldman sought to bring the best street artists from all over the world in order to not only revitalize a mostly dead district, but also to legitimize street art, which he felt was minimalized and often looked down upon. The area has now become an international tourist attraction, bringing in those who wish to see the massive murals that populate the area (About Wynwood Walls). Another urban rejuvenation project called the Heidelberg Project, founded in 1986 by Tyree Guyton, has become a tourist attraction and a source of local pride. Guyton returned to Heidelberg Street and was upset at the state of his childhood home. Drugs, racism and violence had turned the once average neighborhood into a desolate ghetto. With encouragement from his grandfather, Guyton decided that he would take action and attempt to turn the dying neighborhood into a thriving community. Guyton, his grandfather and the neighborhood children worked together to clean up the neighborhood and use the objects collected during the cleanup to turn the neighborhood into a vibrant piece of art. The project, although destroyed multiple times,

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