Graffiti And Street Art By Christine Graff

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From the early humans who painted on cave walls to the angst-ridden teenager getting their kicks from spray painting profanities on the side of a small business, human beings seem to have an intrinsic desire to paint images on the walls that surround them. This has led to many individuals painting on walls without permission. Although the walls cannot speak, city officials and the owners of businesses can and when they do, “Graffiti” is usually one of the words used to describe the images produced. However, although often overlooked, a line does exist between graffiti and street art. Christine Graff writes “Graffiti is defined as ‘writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.’ Graffiti is destructive, contributes to urban decay, and is frequently connected to gangs and criminal activity. Street art is just the opposite. It is meant to beautify communities and elicit favorable emotional responses in those who view it.”(Graff). Although done with the intention of creating beauty in a community, street art is often still considered an act of vandalism. Is this policy of considering it vandalism and prosecuting those who are found to be creating street art benefiting cities or harming them? Are street artists heroes or villains? With some street art pieces such as Banksy’s Mobile Lovers selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars (Salib, 18), it is clear that the art is capable of holding some sort of value.…

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