Graffiti And Street Art Museum

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While waiting for on a train, the mobile art museum known as graffiti passes you. Graffiti has been integrated into the everyday life regardless of city size or laws. By definition, graffiti is any type of writing or drawing scribbled, scratched or sprayed onto a surface in public. Freehanded graffiti has evolved into a premeditated version known as street art. Graffiti and street art allows artists worldwide to express themselves in their entirety. However, these forms of art are considered vandalism because the majority of graffiti is painted on buildings without permission. This causes debate on who owns public space, expressionism, and consent. With help of Thierry Guetta, a French boutique owner turned freelance videographer, the world of graffiti and its artists are exposed in Exit through the Gift Shop. Well-known artists such as Shephard Fairey, Invader, Borf, and many others are captured by Guetta’s camcorder. Guetta captures the art chronologically from beginning to end all while avoiding law enforcement. His efforts led to following around the extremely talented, Banksy. Banksy is the alias of a world renounced graffiti and street artist. The main concept behind his artwork is political activism, satire, and brandalism. An example of this is his 2010 piece portraying a Native American Indian holding a “no trespassing” sign. It conveys great irony in American history for the American colonists took over the natives’ land while searching for freedom themselves.
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