Graffiti: Can it Be Prevented?

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Graffiti: Can it Be Prevented? Introduction: What is Graffiti? ________________________________________ According to, graffiti is defined as a term applied to an arrangement of institutionally illicit marks in which there has been an attempt to establish some sort of coherent composition: such marks are made by an individual or individuals (not generally professional artists) upon a wall or other surface that is usually visually accessible to the public. The purpose of this report is to provide basic and detailed information about Graffiti. The report will also include major reasons leading to graffiti, preventive measures that can be taken by people, data analysis of graffiti around U.S., and the proper recommendation about the alternatives we have to prevent graffiti. The report will also stress the effects graffiti has on our society and what are some influential factors that lead people to indulge in graffiti. History Graffiti has been around for millions of years. Some of the earliest forms can be dated back to the days of the cave men. It was common for them to draw art of themselves and animals on the walls of their caves. In ancient times, the Romans would illustrate words on the walls of buildings in the cities that they conquered for their empire. The history of graffiti in the United States is nowhere near as ancient as either of those civilizations, however, and has had different meanings. Graffiti in the U.S. originated in New York, where it
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