Graffiti In Australia

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Overnight a paste up, created by Baby Guerrilla, has been placed on a wall in West Footscray. As a member of the arts committee, I contend that this piece of art shall remain, but not be sustained. It is undeniable that street art is a prominent part of Melbourne’s culture. A vital component of street art is the fact that it is impermanent. This is one of the countless factors that separates it from traditional art featured in studios, museums, and homes. Street art holds the purpose to be seen then and there, therefore its removal or sustainment would defeat this purpose.

On the website of Baby Guerrilla she stated that she believes in “the idea of setting art free, setting our souls free to dream and imagine and go floating across a wall.” The art she creates unlike anything you could ever find amongst enclosed walls, it uses the large spaces and open air as part of its message and image. Paste up graffiti is an
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It is there to show the people that they are not alone in what they feel. It is there to tell stories, make announcements, make statements. Therefore, graffiti functions in unison with time. The art is there to serve a single purpose: to affect the viewer. It is there for a reason, just like the passerby. The public discussion it causes should occur there and then for a reason. Graffiti is quite similar to architecture, they are both of the moment. Funnily enough, architecture receives far less criticism than graffiti - both current to trends, making a statement, to be seen by the public. Graffiti carries the disadvantage, though. It lacks understanding. People incorrectly refer to graffiti art as tagging or street art. Graffiti is there to serve a purpose, start a movement. Tagging is tedious and destructive. Street art is the technical and artistic styles of graffiti, but used for the sole purpose of artistic creation. The misuse of terminology often creates a bad name for graffiti
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