Grain of Manhood

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Grain of Manhood how does the title relate to the story? A baby is born amongst the stars. This baby is the grain of manhood in two men's lives; or a man and an aliens. James, a human man, incapable of making a child is given his grain of manhood. A child born with his own features. Kolanddro, an alien, is man enough to give up his son for the happiness of the woman who gave birth to the boy. The baby itself is the grain of manhood, and will be in two men's hearts for the rest of his life. Part human part Nevid, he gave two men hope and happiness. "There are at least three people on Axtu besides us who know I am sterile." (page 200) A sterile man, in his own eyes, is not much of a man. He is unable to give life, yet his…show more content…
This baby, part nevid, now living on earth, kept two people together the moment he took his first breath. He was born amongst the stars, and will be remembered from Axtu to Nev, and across the

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