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1.0 Micro and Macro Analysis Micro Analysis: Micro Analysis is individual study of the factors affecting firms in a specific sector or industry. Micro factors include competition, suppliers, customers, labor and competition. The effect of changes in these factors on the individual decision makers, how their choices are coordinated by markets, and how prices and demand are determined in individual Macro Analysis: Macro Analysis is the study of the behavior of the individual firms or markets. through the analysis of major economic factors that show predictable patterns and trends, and of their influence on one another. Introduction to Grameenphone Grameenphone, widely known as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in…show more content…
PESTLE stands for “Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental” factors. -PESTLE Analysis on Grameenphone -Political Analysis * Tax Policies: As a SEC listed company GP’s corporate tax rate is35%. Another competitor’s tax rate is 45%. So they get extra benefit from the government. * Consumer Protection: Consumers are protected in this network. No one can easily collect the personal information of clients, * Safety Regulation: VIP numbers are always disclosed and maintain a serial. * Political Stability: In Bangladesh every business has a strong political stability so, GP is always in political stability. -Economical Analysis * Economic Growth: GP contribute their share in SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Their economic growth more than the other competitors. * Employment policy: It is a large company and it has about 30,000 employees around the country. * Stage of business cycle: Till now GP has sustained the 3rd position in maturity life cycle. * Taxation: Grameenphone is one of the largest tax-payers in Bangladesh. Even though they have been waived taxation to 35% whereas other companies pay 45% of their annual revenues. * Income distribution: They are contributing their income throw dividend to their share holders. -Social Analysis * Consumer confidence: Customer confidences of GP users are really high. They have introduced several business
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