Grameenphone Ltd. Financial Performance Analysis

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Letter of Transmittal

27th July, 2013
Riyashad Ahmed (RyA)
School of Business
North South University

Sub: Submission of report for completion of course

This is to inform you that we have completed the report on the assigned organization, Grameenphone ltd. The report focuses on financial performance evaluation of Grameenphone ltd and compares GP with the only other telecommunication company listed in the stock market, which is Bangladesh Submarine Cables Company ltd. (BSCCL). The report, titled Financial Performance Evaluation of Grameenphone Ltd has been prepared for the completion of the course Introduction to Financial Management. In writing this case, we have followed your instructions for report writing so as to present our views
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The entire Grameenphone network is also EDGE/GPRS enabled, allowing access to high-speed Internet and data services from anywhere within the coverage area. There are currently nearly 5.8 million EDGE/GPRS users in the Grameenphone network.
The company was successfully listed in the Stock Exchange in November 2009-after completion of the largest IPO in the history of Bangladesh capital market.
Today, Grameenphone is the leading and largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh with more than 40.02 million subscribers as of December 2012. It provides services to rural and urban customers across Bangladesh, where mobile telephony is acknowledged as a significant driver of socio-economic development, for both individual and the nation.

Performance Evaluation
Grameenphone Ltd is one of the two telecom companies listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). The other enlisted company is Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Ltd. (BSCCL), which is the lone provider of submarine cable bandwidth in Bangladesh. None of the more direct competitors like Banglalink, Robi, Citicel or Airtel are listed.
Evaluation of the company’s financial performance is done below using data collected from their financial reports published from their Annual General Meeting. All the categories are then compared with the lone competitor BSCCL’s performance for a
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