Grammar Essay : Grammar Exercise

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1) Grammar Exercise: Teresa had never ride a Riding Dragon before. She wasn 't scared of it exactly, but she is nervous. She know that Riding Dragons are not like the dragon in stories. An Riding Dragon doesn 't eat any ones, or steal any princesses, or even breathe the fire! Riding Dragons is most like big, flying, scaly dogs. They even smelled a little like dogs! She wasn 't scared, and she kept tells herself that as she climbed onto the Riding Dragon 's back. She shook, (but only a little,) as the Riding dragon looked back at her. Teresa smiled as the Riding Dragon took off. Riding dragon 's was just as fun as she had hoped. 2) Reading Comprehension: “Yes, I know that the train was supposed to have already left, but I can see it right there!” “Sorry sir, there will be no boarding the train after it has left. Station rules are quite clear on this matter.” “But it 's right there! I can see it! It 's the blue one with the big four painted on the-” “Do you also see that board there, the one with all the names and destinations on it?” “I do, but-” “Do you see the one that says '10pm to Jacksonberg '? Is it clear enough for you, sir?” “It is. It says-” “Says departed, doesn 't it?” “It does, but you see I need to perform surgery on a-” “On our board?” “What?” “Or maybe your own head? They call that the old 'wit scraper ' back where I come from.” “What are you talking about, I don 't-” “Iverland, sir. Finest place on the planet. Not like that
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