Grammar, History, Development And Prescriptive Grammar

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Introduction Do you think grammar is important? Do you know the function of grammar? Can you imagine living a life without grammar? Grammar is a set of rules for language. In this chapter, we will cover general ideas of grammar, including the definition, history, development, syntax, and how learners learn grammar. 3.1 Definition of Grammar Grammar is certainly a common word, it may be a boring subject to you or an explorative subject that you want to probe for. No matter what, grammar has been a long-established academic term and it is an imperative part of language. First, get to know the word 'grammar'. The term grammar is derived from the Greek word grammatikē, where gram meant something written. The part tikē is derived from technē and…show more content…
Its content is rich and complex. It includes: 1) Syntax(how words are ordered to form sentences; study of different sentence types); 2) Morphology(how letters/sounds combine to make meaningful units); 3) Phonology(study of sounds/significant sounds (phonemes)); 4) Semantics(the study of meaning) and Pragmatics(how to understand other speakers’ intended meaning) 3.1.1 Descriptive grammar and Prescriptive grammar One basic distinction of grammar is between Descriptive grammar and Prescriptive grammar. Descriptive grammar refers to the structure of a language as it is actually used by speakers and writers, it is from living language and up-to-date. The language in descriptive grammar is constantly changing, fluid and organic, it also describes reality from authentic data. Prescriptive grammar refers to the structure of a language as certain people (usually learned scholars) think it should be used, it emphasis on correctness. It is the unchanging set of rules, which is seen as the idealised 'perfection'. 3.1.2 Different Types of Grammar There are different varieties of grammar, which is the different ways of describing and analyzing the structures and functions of language. Apart from the basic distinction of grammar between descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar, there are ten more types of
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