Grammar In The English Language

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Grammar is the most important part to learning a language, as it will show the learner, the main components on forming sentence, and being able to get a point across. In fact, it extends over every part of a language and just by stopping at learning the actual words needed to speak the language. Grammar is a very complex part of a language learning as well, In the English language there are many different forms of writing about a particular subject. If one person is able to read and write and understand, He/she must learn the grammar and must be able to use it in an accurate and correct way. There are many books of teaching methods on learning grammar, information is passed on through books or any form which contains information on grammar. Since, the internet age has dawned, Language learning has become easier than ever. Although there are colleges and universities where you can get a diploma from, learning complete languages…show more content…
Grammar is the base of English language. It is not acquired naturally, but it needs to be instructed. Grammar operates at the sentence level and governs the syntax or word orders that are permissible in the language. It also works at the sub sentence level to govern such things as number and person agreement between subject and verb in a sentence. In grammar learning, some students may have a more analytical learning style than others, but if one hope to use English language accurately and fluently, it is necessary for him to receive grammar rules instruction. Grammar is not different from other things. It is likely that students will learn at different rates. Grammar teaching is necessary in English language teaching . Based on several semesters of foreign language study, I do not believe that current methods of teaching grammar in the classroom are sufficient enough for acquiring the abilities to survive in a second language. Textbooks
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