Grammatical Tense and English Language Paper

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Recounting a slice of life A) Introduction 1. We recount a slice of life– a past event, incident, episode or experience which is striking or unforgettable. It also has left a good impression on or a significant message to us. 2. There are two aspects in a recount : * What happened ? * What was so special about the happening ? 3. In Part A, Question 1, English Language Paper 2, DSE, the number of words is usually restricted by the tasks specified. Therefore, the recount must be concise and precise. When there are two 100-word writing tasks, in principle, we should allocate two-thirds of the words to the recount and one-third to the message conveyed in it. Based on this assumption, the recount should contain no more than…show more content…
Let’s see what we can do,” Miss Hosaid.
From that day on, she tutored me every evening. Gradually and steadily I caught up with my classmates. Now I am no worse than anyone in my class. I learned that a strong will is the most important thing in learning. 105 words

Photo 2 A recollection

In 2008, I went to Eastern Europe on a bus tour. We stayed at youth hostels, ate plain bread and drank tap water. We ventured in back lanes and on country roads and feasted our eyes with fascinating sceneryand talked to local residents in sign language. This photo was takenwhen we invited local Austrians in Salzburg to join us in a party game in Mirabel Garden where the Sound of Music was filmed. I was greatly charmed by the natural beauty of the city and the friendly smiles and warm welcome of the Austrians. I really envied them for their living environment and the government’s care to keep all the old houses. I look forward to visiting it again.

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Useful expressions and sentence patterns for recounting

Expressions and sentence patterns | Example | I. Lead-in A. Beginning with ‘this’ and ‘the’ 1. This /The photo was taken . . . when . . . 2. This photo shows . . . . 3. This photo may appear to be very. . . ., but when we pay attention to . . ., we can . . .More details can be added 4. In this photo people were . . . //
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