Grammy Awards Essay

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Grammy Awards had been the most coveted firm when it comes to rewarding who’s hot and who’s about to set a trend in the world of music. Every year, people from all over the planet and artists who have put forth their substantial contributions to keep the industry’s momentum flowing look forward to knowing who would come victorious after months of throwing in the best that they got on the plate. We have seen artists who have won a Grammy Award and is missing on the mainstream charts while the supernova on the industry continue to reap more and more Gramophones as they move along their career. For the 59th annual Grammy Awards, the mish-mash of potential artists and acts to grab a nomination are well-analyzed and predicted, and much as we don’t want to other favorite stars to lose, only those deserving would come across as triumphant. On the first week of December, the official set of nominees would be released by the infamous Grammy Awards but it’s always fun to do fearless forecasts as it…show more content…
Drake’s track One Dance is undeniably one of the most famous tracks of the year while Justin Timberlake’s danceable Can’t Stop The Feeling is also difficult to discount for this category. On the other hand, Zayn’s Pillowtalk might actually earn him a nomination, same as Justin Bieber, David Bowie and country superstar Lukas Graham. For the Best New Artist category, the jurors of the 59th Grammy Awards might have a headache with the plethora of names who stayed afloat from last year. The roster of people or acts who could get this award starts with Maren Morris, who’d done an impressive job with crossing over from country to mainstream pop. Expected names to be included on this list would be Lukas Graham and Chance The Rapper whilst Alessia Cara, Troye Sivan, Rachel Platten and Charlie Puth is also on the
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