Gramps Aneurysm Report

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Proverb once said, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” This quote relates my family to the incident that occurred last summer. Gramps, my grandpa, was in the hospital for almost four months. This was a rough time for my whole family.

What happened? What led up to this incident? My grandpa’s shoulder and neck area were really bothering him. He had some excruciating pains, so he went in to his doctor’s office and his doctor suggested had planned a surgery in order to fix the problem, but first, he had to go in for some testing just to be positive that everything was what it had seem to be. It wasn't. Gramps ended up having something seriously wrong with his heart. After his testing, they had to come up with a "Plan B.” New surgery date, new doctors, new surgery altogether.
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He was taken back for surgery around 10:00 AM. We all met at the hospital – St. John's – very early that morning, sure to be there for him. Surgery, since they had a few complications, was not completed until about 4:00 that same afternoon. Gramps had an aneurysm that hadn't quite burst yet. The aneurysm was on its way through the valve and into his heart chamber. We were waiting for his surgery to come to an end when we receive a call from the surgeons that they had run into some complications. Ended up that he had to have his heart valve replaced and a double bypass.

One surgery was over, he had to stay in the ICU, then would be admitted into a regular hospital room within a few days if conditions permitted him to. things didn't go as expected and gramps ended up in ICU for about two and a half months, then finally was released to the rehabilitation center, where he stayed for a little over a
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