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Gran Torino Film Analysis Norma J Morehead Intercultural/International Communication 10 June 2012 Cultural conflict and popular culture are two experiences in life that assist in defining intercultural communication and how its influence affects our daily intercommunication. Cultural conflict is inevitable as we live out our daily lives in the identities we have selected for ourselves, the identities relating to our ethnicity and in those identities others have selected for us. These identities are bound to conflict with another individual’s identities which is why there is a need for understanding what intercultural communication is and how it can be enhanced becomes vital to peaceful living around the world.…show more content…
Popular culture was demonstrated when the granddaughter was texting during the grandmother’s funeral services; with the gang interaction and the music they played; the encounter on the corner with the Caucasian teenager walking with Sue and they were stopped by the three African American males and harassed physically and verbally with race and gender stereotypes and age when Walt came to the rescue. Walt had a quite a few verbal stereotypes for all of them in addition to using his gun to break up the conflict. Popular culture Of the five types of Cultural Conflict the three most significant conflicts in intercultural communication in the film Gran Torino are found in conflict in values, conflict in goals, and cognitive conflict. Conflicts in values are the differing ideologies as in philosophy and principles. Two examples of conflict in values found in the film Gran Torino are: 1. Walt and the priest had different ideologies on life and death. The priest kept approaching Walt with the offer of confession which he had promised Walt’s wife before she died. Walt did not think much of religion, attending church or confession or the priest. The priest resolved to get Walt into confession with his philosophy, principles and outlook on life as his religion dictated. 2. Ethnic types of conflict were shown at the family barbeque. Walt accepted Sue’s invitation to

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