Gran Torino Themes

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Father Janovich, who is a priest at local church in the movie Gran Torino, says “Bitter in the pain, sweet in the salvation.” The movie shows how an aging man successfully changes his life from bitterness to sweetness. The three main actors in the movie deliver outstanding performances. Clint Eastwood directed and starred this movie. He plays a Korean War veteran and retired Ford autoworker, Walt Kowalski. Other two actors are Bee Vang, who portrays Thao, and Ahney Her, who plays Thao’s sister Sue. Gran Torino reveals
Beginning of the movie reveals how Walt lives with grief, guilt, and bitterness in his late retirement. The opening scene happens at the funeral of Walt’s wife, who had fifty years of marriage with him. Ashley, Walt’s granddaughter, wears inappropriate clothing to a funeral. Even worse, Walt’s four
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After Walt notices a Thao's injury that is caused by the gang, he figures out a way to protect Thao. He attacks a gang member as a warming of staying away from Thao. The gang performs a drive-by shooting on the Thao’s home as a revenge. Thao is injured; Sue is kidnaped and sexually assaulted. Walt vents his rage for the violent conflict by punching in the glass. Walt realizes he must figure out the best way to stop the violence at peace. Next day, Thao seeks Walt’s help to exact revenge, but Walt tells Thao to come back at four o’clock in the afternoon. When Thao comes back, Walt locks him in the basement. Walt visits the gang’s house again at night, but he stands in the street calling out all the gang members. He forms his hand as a fake gun and points to each gang member. He puts his hand to reach inner pocket of jacket, and then the gang shoot him. His body lies on the ground of a cross with a light on his hand. Police officers arrive and catch the gang. Life is a matter of choice, believe or not. Walt chooses to sacrifice his life to bring back the peace for his Asian
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