Grand Challenges : Memories For Life

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Grand Challenges 3
Memories for life

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Wei Dong
ID: 4830593
29 April 2015

Created the first version: 25 April.
Second Edition finished: 29 April
Third Edition finished: 30 April


In this article, one of the grand challenges – memories for life is discussed. When the topic “memories for life” was first mentioned? Who mentioned it? What was the module for that challenge? What fields are related to this grand challenge? In this article, I pick out seven areas from computer science to talk about the questions and problems, and if available, what should we do in the future. Of course, that’s not complete solution, but we can discuss what effect should be done now or in the future. Then, I offer an example about OpenCV to illustrate what we can do on object identification and image processing in computer vision field based on today’s computing technologies. However, if we want to make challenges into real life, we still have too much research and study to do. The purpose of this white paper is to illustrate one grand challenge—memories for life, and talk about possible solution base on today’s technology.


Abstract 1
Contents 2
1.Introduction 2
1.1Background 2
1.2 Research Problem 3
1.3 Purpose of the report 3
2. Discussions 4
2.1 Security and privacy 4
2.2 Data and databases 5
2.3 Information Retrieval 6
2.4 Artificial Intelligence 6
2.5 Machine learning 7
2.6 Human-computer Interaction 7
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